Many businesses nowadays are working towards incorporating sustainability into the core of their products. Quite often these products are the result of a well thought sustainability concept, and yet the entrepreneurs behind it fail to reach the marketplace, because they lack marketing expertise and knowledge of the tourism industry’s distribution channels. These tourism companies, and particularly small firms from developing countries, suffer from poor targeting, market segmentation and positioning, low consumer product knowledge, and consumer risk perception.

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Hi! We Are Fair Travel Reps

Fair Travel Reps is a distinctive travel consultancy company headquartered in Mechelen, Belgium.  We work with professionals around the world to make responsible tourism mainstream and successful. Fair Travel Reps works with partners within the tourism and hospitality industry specifically oriented towards sustainable & responsible tourism. We provide customized sales and marketing solutions for sustainable & responsible tour companies, eco-hotels, eco-camping’s and destination management companies. While applying experience and understanding of the local business environment, we offer a complete range of sales, marketing, communications, brand positioning and public relations services. Not only do we represent sustainable & responsible brands, we also work with academics, researchers and other organizations looking to widen the reach of responsible tourism.

Our Mission

How we see it

We are dedicated to protect our environment through promoting responsible travel businesses. We strive be the preferred eco-travel, responsible and sustainable tourism and hospitality representation company in the Benelux. We provide sales, marketing, PR & media and digital solutions to eco-hotels, responsible and social tour companies, national tourism offices and travel related products through a professional, motivated and highly skilled team in a cost effective manner. To increase market share, maximize revenue and build new markets for our partners in order for them to accelerate sustainable growth, bringing economic benefit to their employees as well as the communities and local operators they partner with.

Our Vision

Where we want to be

Our vision is to be known for working in tandem with our partners to exceed our united goals and ultimately to deliver sales, increase revenue and market share. Responsible travel practice is the core value of our partners who we represent. We make the world a better place by promoting businesses who are engaged with the protection of local communities, natural environments and wildlife.

If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it.

- Lyndon Baines Johnson -

Our Expertise

What We Do

Our team actively markets and promotes green and sustainable businesses & destinations that align with our standards

Public Relations

Our approach is to create compelling content to ensure that the story and uniqueness of our partners are discovered and shared. Journalists and influencers have come to rely on Fair Travel Reps to provide useful, exciting and shareable content about our partners to enhance or initiate the story. We encourage first hand destination experiences by journalists, bloggers and influencers while working with partners to ensure innovative experiences that result in compelling stories.

Travel Trade

We play a unique role, while working in tandem with the local travel trade, to increase visitation and spend. We focus our efforts on delivering programs and platforms that increase awareness and enhance the image of the partner among the most important travel companies. As a result, we hope to contribute to creating a positive economic, social and sustainable impact for the destination stakeholders.

Strategic Partnerships

The ability to reach audiences, attract awareness, excite interest, and convert it into action can be a significant challenge—particularly in the age of competition for partners strengthening around the world. Fair Travel Reps maximizes a partners’ budget by building strategic partnerships and combining marketing efforts into one coherent voice. We go beyond the traditional partner selection and bring in potential partners from other industries to maximize impact and sustainability.

Social Media

We think a successful social media strategy involves more than accumulating “Likes”, “Followers” or positive sentiment. It should be contextual and aligned with the essence of a tourism brand, desired traveling consumer and tourism trade experience. In tandem with our partners, we send out authentic communication whole-year-round. We call it community engagement.


Event management is considered one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by tourism organization and destinations. We showcase our partners through unique experiences. From Sales Missions, Trade missions and PR missions to press conferences. Fair Travel Reps creates memorable promotional events to help communicate with consumers and the travel trade. We make sure that the investment in any event goes beyond the event itself.


We are committed to deliver sales, increase revenue and market share through key account coverage and going where the business is. We work on an integrated marketing and sales plan with a focus on all segments – corporate, trade and consumer. Our knowledge of the Benelux market, helps us to put together a strategy that is in line with the current business environment and trends for the future.

Public Relations


Travel Trade


Strategic Partnerships




Social Media




Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and is a major source of income for many countries. Being a people-oriented industry, tourism also provides many jobs which have helped revitalise local economies. However, like other forms of development, tourism can also cause its share of problems, such as social dislocation, loss of cultural heritage, economic dependence and ecological degradation. Learning about the impacts of tourism has led many people to seek more responsible holidays. These include various forms of alternative or sustainable tourism such as: ‘nature-based tourism’, ‘ecotourism’ and ‘cultural tourism’. Sustainable tourism is becoming so popular that some say that what we presently call ‘alternative’ will be the ‘mainstream’ in a decade.


people traveled last year


% believed that they traveled sustainably


% Of World GDP


% of arrivals in 2030 in emerging markets

We're professionals

Your Team

environmentally conscious, people-loving, hard working sales and marketing pros

Dennis Adriaenssens


Dennis is a passionate entrepreneur, a public speaker, a sales person and an idealist, who thinks that fair tourism will contribute to a better society for us all. When not advocating for fair travel, Dennis likes to practise martial arts.

Tineke Mertens


Tineke loves creating and building brand identities. She is a truly service-oriented person whose passion is to make people happy. She loves to learn and teach, and is constantly searching for ways to improve.

Igor Prudenziati


Born Italian but currently residing in Belgium. Igors greatest assets are his multilingualism and his friendly personality. He wants to make sure that each partner gets the best possible experience. Igor loves life hacks, good food, and ofcourse... italian ice cream.

Hilde Van Vaek


Hilde is a truly candid individual who enjoys open and honest conversations. She loves helping partners with their specific needs. Hilde also has a knack for communication. She is passionate about good, healthy food. She litteraly knows everything about it.    

Competition in tourism is hard, we know. We are here to help you to reach your marketplace.

Our Service Pricing

Prices are indicative. We customize the offer upon your specific needs.

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